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Relax at home or in your hotel room and enjoy the luxury and quick service of ordering your alcohol from CALL-A-BEER. Stay safely in your residence while CALL-A-BEER brings the beer, liquor, wine and other supplies for your party or a quiet evening at home – delivered right to your doorstep. We deliver in Barrie, ON and all nearby communities within the 20KM radius, around the Greater Barrie, Ontario Area.


Our Services

Beer, wine and liquor delivery
Delivery 7 days a week
Delivery within 20KM of Barrie
Convenience items picked-up
Discreet and respectful service
Observe public health measures
Orders delivered immediately
Drivers fast, friendly and reliable
Delivery to your door or lobby
Hands-free "tap" technology
Safe contactless delivery
Recycle your empties
Customer privacy respected
Accept all forms of payment
Mobile payment at your door
Orders dispatched proficiently
Prepay or E-transfer option
Free fridge magnets
Delivery to residence, business, motel and campsite

Our 5 Step Delivery Process

Order ->

Orders are dispatched immediately upon receipt

Purchase ->

Alcohol is purchased from The Beer Store and the LCBO

Pick-Up ->

Convenience items are picked up on the way

Deliver ->

Customers receive their order ASAP

Payment ->

Mobile processing and payment at your door

Customer Convenience

When you call, our dispatch service manages and monitors the call to make sure the driver closest to your location will get to you in a timely manner for customer satisfaction. Our customers pay the same prices that they would pay in person at the LCBO and The Beer Store, and that includes any specials or items that are on sale. By law, we must charge the actual cost of the alcohol, which is separate from the delivery fee.

Payment & Delivery

We will pick up and deliver all your Beer store, LCBO, and Wine supplies. We will also pick up your convenience store products such as cigarettes, snacks and soft drinks. You don't need to be concerned about a difficult payment process either. We pay for your items upfront, and when we deliver them to your location; you will simply reimburse us for the items and pay a small delivery fee. We even accept cash, debit and credit cards at your door.

Call on Call-A-Beer

Live in a safe community and help us discourage drunk driving by contacting us when you need something picked up. Are you aware that most drunk driving accidents occur close to home? Don't risk it; even driving a few blocks is just too dangerous! Call us instead!

Service Guaranteed

We go above and beyond expectations to provide the utmost customer satisfaction!


Convenient Pickup Service

We pick up anything you may need on our way to deliver your beverages.

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